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A Little History Behind Our Name

Back in the days before existed, there was a small gaming service known as or 'Kali' which allowed players to connect together and play online. At the time when Warcraft 2 was released (late 1995), Kali was the place to play against the best War2 players online. A tight knit community formed around Warcraft 2 and it's expansion on Kali. Many of these players went on to be successful in Starcraft and Warcraft 3, and many still recognize each other online today.

A particular community of players from this time was formed under the name 'Kali Compton', referring to the gaming service and the fact that the server/players from this group were primarily located in Southern California. Kali Compton at first was a very small core group of players and did not actively seek to recruit or expand. Over the years every once and while a few people would be picked up from games such as Counter Strike, which was popular among Kali Compton players for a time.

It was not until the release of Warcraft 3 that Kali Compton started publicly inviting, this being with the Kali Compton Clan of War3. A return of the veteran War 2 players along with a good batch of new blood saw the rise of Kali Compton in many of the top 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 ladders on Lordaeron (USWest).

With World of Warcraft, Kali Compton once again set out to enjoy the gaming experiences Blizzard had to offer with each other. Kali Compton WoW has been in existance since the first days of the Alpha, through Beta, and all the way to the current state of retail. We could argue that our guild is the oldest active WoW guild that still exists! Originally formed by many of the veteran players, our WoW guild has grown over the years to include many many new faces. Many players have come and gone, forming new guilds or retiring, but Kali is still around after so many cycles of change in WoW.

So there's a little history behind our name. You can expect that with the release of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 that Kali Compton will have a presence there!
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