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Guild Rules -- Read Before Submitting Application

Our goal as a guild is to excel at both PVE and PVP and to make the game as fun and easy as possible for other guild members, while making it as difficult as possible for the Horde.

Getting Your Voice Heard
Everyone has direct input into guild decisions. If someone wants to say something, say it. If it's a good idea, it will be used.

Guild Chat Rules
Please don't use L337 sp33k or internet abbreviations such as !!!, ROFL, LMAO, ur, u, plz, etc. Do not blaspheme (use "Jesus/God"). There are many Christians in the guild who find it very offensive. We also don't allow racist comments, sexist comments and other language meant to offend. If you want to communicate, do so properly! Discussion about religion and politics should, in general, be avoided in guild chat.

Someone said something mean to me!
It was a joke.

Profession Masters
Make items for free or cost of materials. Don't make a profit off a guildie =]

Raid Guidelines
Follow instructions from the raid leader. Keep guild chat and raid chat clear. Watch this website and the guild MOTD for event news and times.

Raid Schedule
Tues/Thurs 6:30PM PST - ~10PM PST

Voice Communication
Discord is required for raids unless you're using an operating system that isn't compatible, playing on a 56k modem, or something like that.

The Horde
Attack any Horde you want, at any level. This includes ganking low levels.

Send members who ask about joining to the recruiting officer. We've traditionally been an invite-only guild, but we open the doors from time to time =]

Bugs Exploits
Don't exploit. Report the bug or exploit to a GM and then move on.

If you have a complaint about a fellow guild member, speak with an officer. If you have any complaints about officers, speak to the guild leader.

Why We Remove People From the Guild

  • If you discuss guild issues outside of the guild you may be booted.
  • If you reveal personal information of other players in the guild you may be booted.
  • If you apply to another guild while in Kali Compton.
  • If you are a greedy player that will do anything to hog/steal items.
  • If you make the guild look bad by doing something clearly wrong (auction scamming, ninja looting, exploiting, etc.)
  • You won't get booted for not donating to the crafters, but doing so might make a better case for you if you make a big mistake.

Quitting the Guild or Guild Removal
Upon leaving the guild, your website account will be removed.

If you recieved donations, we expect them to be paid back to the best of your ability. Be civil and treat people right.

Please do not continue to use our Discord or IRC channel. These are a guild privilege.

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